“If Vivekanada, Nehru and Tagore were Muslim and one person, we would probably get Iqbal. Despite his adoption by Pakistan, Iqbal cannot be neglected by any thinking Indian: this lucid biography inserts him back into our complex heritage, as person, poet and thinker.”

– Tabish Khair

“Through a systematic approach, using a technique similar to that of a labourer building a skyscraper, brick by brick, Zafar, shows the real poet, the real philosopher, the politician… On his philosophy, his internationalism, his relationship with God, passionate debates take place across the world. What is not as freely approached is his politics. Zafar though covers this gap with great zeal, even talking of Iqbal’s correspondence with Jinnah, where he calls the latter the tallest Muslim leader of the country.”

– ziya us salam, the hindu

“This is a fantastic effort that needs to be lauded.”

– bhupesh bhandarithe business standard

“This biography of Allama Muhammad Iqbal redeems the philosopher-poet from political and nationalist stereotypes.”

– ranjit hoskoteTHE open magazine

“The book is indeed a welcome addition to the corpus of Iqbal studies.”

– naresh ‘nadeem’tehelka

“What he (Anjum) has given us is a useful book for several reasons: the first and foremost being an Iqbal ‘Reader’ for our times. In lucid prose, he presents before the modern reader the life of a visionary poet, and possibly the last of the great  Muslim thinkers.”

– rakhshanda jalilthe indian express

“meticulously researched and brilliantly written.”

– indeewara thilakarathneceylon today


“Anjum’s narrative in lucid prose is engaging without becoming a boring history book.”

– Mythily Ramachandran, gulf news 




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