Zafar Anjum

Singapore-based journalist, writer, and filmmaker Zafar Anjum has been published in India, the US, the UK, Singapore and other countries. His most recent works include a work of non-fiction, The Resurgence of Satyam (Random House India, 2012), and a collection of short stories, The Singapore Decalogue: Episodes in the Life of a Foreign Talent (Red Wheelbarrow Books, Singapore, 2012). He also blogs, mentors budding writers and is editor of, a literary website.

For more information on Zafar Anjum, The Singapore Decalogue, and recent publications, please visit


For media inquiries, contact Anindita Buragohain at

Please note that Zafar is unable to schedule interviews for countries outside of Singapore and India.

For foreign translation inquiries, please email here:

Jayapriya Vasudevan:

For any other inquiries, please email Zafar at



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